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Pit-Stop Instead of Engine Damage

Our Burnout Prevention and Therapy Programmes
Burnout, or emotional and physical exhaustion, is gaining increasing attention and has been a major cost for a long time. According to current statistics, the annual costs of burnout in Germany have been estimated at some 25 billion euros and over the last few years have risen exponentially which was why SPIEGEL magazine made this subject its feature article twice in 2011. There is thus an urgent need to develop ideas and solutions for combating this new form of "occupational disease".

Your Experts in Preventing and Treating Burnout
The team at the DZIP has specialised in preventing and treating burnout-related illnesses for many years. Whether for you personally or for entire companies, we are experts at detecting imminent burnout and at finding methods for preventing it efficiently and permanently. If you or your employees are already suffering from burnout, we will find a treatment for it. Our unique, Germany-wide diagnostic methods in particular for measuring your burnout potential enables us to start at the root of the problem and develop suitable treatment that will keep you healthy and able to perform.

Further Information
Would you like more detailed information? Just click on the following links. Would you like to take our burnout test now to see how susceptible to burnout you are? Are you interested in our therapy programs for preventing and treating burnout, either for private individuals or our company programs?