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Corporate Health

Corporate Health for Your Company - Health Wins!

We are your partners for a long-term health and disease-prevention programme in your company.


We promote your health and motivation – and increase your return on investment at the same time
As a decision-maker it is always worth investing in and promoting the permanent good health, motivation and willingness to perform of your employees. With our disease-prevention and health programmes for companies we make sure that your employees stay healthy and able to perform.


Companies in Upheaval
Pressure to perform, the heightened service mentality, floods of information and the virtualisation and networking of product-development – today's commercial world provides us with a wide range of challenges and we must be able to master them.


Burnout on the Rise
Today, psychologically-based illnesses are increasing, especially the burnout syndrome. Up to 25 per cent of all employees are thought to be at risk of suffering from chronic exhaustion. Every employee who is ill costs money – and not just his or her salary.


Demographic Change
It is also a fact that your employees are, on average, getting older and will also stay at your company longer. In this case, there is a need to develop additional, long-term illness prevention and therapy concepts.


Appreciation as a Success Factor
But we offer even more. Together with our cooperation partners in the fields of coaching and psychology, we can also help you create a long-term, motivation-friendly atmosphere at your company.