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Your path to more vitality and top performance

  • As a top performer are you looking for balance in your life in order to be able to cope with professional and private challenges stably and with renewed strength?
  • Can you not afford to be away from your work for a while? Does your owner-operated company only function best while you're there? Do you want to make sure early on that you stay fit over the long term? 
  • If you are a top-performing sportsman or woman, actor or model is your body your capital? Does this mean that active healthcare is a central part of your life? Do you need continuous, competent support in order to keep performing and stay full of energy?
  • Do you think regular "pit-stops" will do you good to enable everything to function smoothly - or even better?

Welcome to the DZIP, the German Centre for Individual Prevention and Performance Enhancement. We're your experts for high-precision diagnosis and individualised, holistic therapy - either for you personally or for companies. As medical specialists, coaches and therapists we focus on the areas of prevention, improved performance and treating burnout illnesses - in particular for managers and top performers.