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Individualised Prevention

Find out your personal genetic blueprint in a genetic analysis and get the best out of yourself.

"I can change the activities of hundreds of my genes in only three months - just by precisely selecting my lifestyle. Isn't that exciting?" Mario Krause

  • Everything we do influences our genes - every thought, our physical activity, everything we eat and drink, all medications, all environmental factors etc.
  • Conversely, our genetic makeup and the activity of our existing genes directly affect our health and our performance.

Although everybody carries the same basic information in their genes, each human being is unique. Tiny variations - so-called polymorphisms - are responsible for our uniqueness. These polymorphisms decide such things as whether we will benefit from certain life habits, medication or food or whether we will become old and sick earlier. Thus, these variations are involved in an immense number of metabolic processes.

Get the Best out of Yourself

The precise knowledge of our genetic blueprint allows us to directly influence our health and thereby actively avoid illnesses. We can all directly influence our special individual genetic features, thereby making the best of our genetic makeup. We can all use the knowledge of our personal "blueprint" to accelerate or slow down our metabolisms, stimulate balancing processes and thereby counteract the deterioration of the organism and threatening illnesses.