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Recharging Batteries of Top Performers:


Statistics and well-known cases of burnout illnesses show that anyone suffering from burnout is in good company. Often it is top performers and particularly ambitious, performance-oriented people who fall victim to burnout. For example, this was the reason that ski-jumper Sven Hannawald ended his career and it caused rapper Eminem to cancel a tour. Other prominent burnout victims are: Ottmar Hitzfeld (soccer), professional cyclist Hanka Kupfernagel, singer Michelle, actress Renée Zellweger, actress Tanja Szewczenko, soccer-players Ralf Rangnick and Markus Miller.

If you feel exhausted and burnt out, this is no reason to hide it. It is a sign that you need a break, an intensive "pit-stop" from which you can emerge stronger with a strategy for easily achieving top performance in a manner appropriate to your physical and psychological type – in proper doses, with ease and enjoyment.

Here's what a therapy package might consist of for you if you are suffering from acute burnout:

  • a five-day stay at a private clinic or a wellness hotel with 24-hour care; 
  • day 1: a preliminary interview to define your goals and the initial diagnosis; 
  • day 1: a metabolism performance test as an initial diagnosis of physical tuning and to track down any "energy-guzzlers";
  • days 2 + 5: intensive coaching on your goal issues (burnout, blockades, work-life balance, goal-definition, etc.); 
  • days 2 + 5: an energy re-load using special energy-based treatments; 
  • a daily wellness programme with highly-dosed vitamin, mineral and amino-acid intravenous drips and injections, depending on the analysis; 
  • day 5: a summing-up of the results; 
  • an action-plan with alterations in your daily-life for energy-optimisation and to define further treatment options; 
  • another metabolism performance test to check the treatment after eight weeks; 
  • a "debriefing" after eight weeks.

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