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Put a Bigger Tiger in Your Tank

You have your car inspected and maintained regularly. What about you? Our health coaching and our burnout prevention programme take care of your resources and avoid physical and mental "damage".


Our Prevention Packet

  • a monthly "pit-stop" taking about four hours; 
  • a complete analysis of your current mental and physical condition; 
  • a metabolism performance test to determine performance limitations at cellular level; 
  • intensive physical treatment consisting of a programme designed to increase metabolism performance and which uses methods in conventional medicine and complementary treatments to suit your requirements; 
  • a complete supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids for the treatment period, depending on the results of the metabolic performance test; 
  • intensive coaching on the most important issues (burnout, blockades, work-life balance, finding personal goals etc.); 
  • an action plan with changes in your daily life for energy optimisation; 
  • a review the result every three months, including with the use of laboratory diagnostics where appropriate.


Treatment is paid for by many companies as part of personal and vocational development. We will be happy to talk to your company on this matter. And we will naturally respect your wish for confidentiality!


We will be happy to inform you personally. Just get in touch with us!