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More Than a Check-Up: We Analyse Your Individual Genetic Blueprint

The DZIP has been using knowledge of epigenetics in its work for years. Through the use of our high-precision laboratory work and intensive physical and mental medical histories, we can tell exactly what will do you good and how you can achieve top performance in a natural way. This "stocktaking" is also a magnificent instrument for early detection – we know which substances your body cannot process or can only process less well than others. So you can be sure that, in contrast to a conventional medical check-up à la "five-minute medicine", you will get a precise, tailor-made assessment - just for you.


Business-Check: Tailor-Made and High-Precision

In the business check-up, we not only adapt the necessary examinations to your special needs, we also do all we can to suit your personal timetable. We organise the examination procedures in an optimised form tailored to suit your timetable. Your personal coach is available for all questions and concerns during your examination. The aim of the examination is not only to detect illnesses or diseases early but also to actively avoid them.