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Metabolic Tuning: Your Cell-Training Plan for Top Performance

Ever since the competitions in ancient Greece, athletes have been provided with high-quality, energy-rich food to support these processes. This ancient method is tried by many trainers and sportspeople even today.

Using the knowledge of the 21st century we are able to analyse the needs, bottlenecks and reserves of each individual at the level of the individual body cell and draw up a "cell training-plan". This is used to improve performance and makes it possible to devise the right form of regeneration. This reduces injuries and avoids a premature end to a sports career. Whether you're a top performer in your job or active on the sports field, increased activity leads to an increased requirement for vitamins, minerals and other bio-active nutrients. Targeted consumption of micro-nutrients to stabilise the immune system or to ensure and increase sporting / professional performance occurs individually.

Our recommendations are based on special metabolic studies and are adjusted to the sportsperson's personal situation.