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Top Performance Begins in the Mind: Performance-/ Mental Coaching

After making a precise analysis of your personal situation and the objective facts, we devise a timetable to help stablise your performance and then enable you to increase and improve it; whether sports performance or mental flights of fancy, our coaching sessions will help you achieve more easily the goals you have set yourself. The following methods are particularly suitable for maximising your performance and really achieving your goals:

Hypnosis allows you to concentrate to the maximum extent and to mobilise additional energy. For example, sportsmen and women under hypnosis are able to effectively study movement processes. We show you how to avoid situations that are regarded as being no longer achievable. Hypnosis is the most intensive type of concentration and mental regeneration possible.

Advising Team Leaders and Trainers
We advise coaches and managers on their communication behaviour and other psychological effects of their behaviour. While certain behaviour-types promise success in a series of wins, a different approach is required in a recession. Every player and employee needs to be addressed differently in order to motivate them as much as possible. We analyse your employees and provide the necessary psychological expertise.

Recognising Burnout
Each top performer should burn with enthusiasm for his or her area of interest. But when does this fire go out? Burnout is not only a management problem, it occurs wherever 100% commitment is demanded and given over an extended period. The earlier signs of burnout are recognised, the more easily it can be prevented.

We help to produce maximum team spirit. Group talks, discussions and team exercises moderated by us get that team spirit going again.

Blockade Coaching
We help break up inner blockades such as important client acquisition negotiations, crucial sports competitions, presentations or conflict situations. This can be done effectively through hypnosis but also using exercises, systemic vision-building or targeted anxiety treatments.