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Your Work-Life Balance: Getting Your Entire Life Back onto the Right Track

For many people it is difficult to find the right balance between the many and varied demands of work and family life. In both life roles, often the absolute maximum is required and affects both men and women. In this area of stress, complaints of excess strain through to burnout syndrome are heard frequently.

In our efforts to maintain or improve your good health we don't just restrict ourselves to the medical diagnosis, we also offer solution-based assistance in order to achieve a balance between work and leisure.

Possible issues might be:

  1. movement, nutrition, relaxation 
  2. stress management 
  3. life-balances 
  4. health-oriented life and work-styles 
  5. questions about the meaning of life 
  6. handling permanent stress/ peak stress-times 
  7. handling health risks and limitations 
  8. dealing with transition, e.g. to retirement 
  9. health-oriented management styles 
  10. strategic direction of health-orientation 
  11. sustainability of health-orientation