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A Top Team Instead of Lame Ducks

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On the go all the time. Result: burnout.

Permanent stress, under pressure of time and constant high-level performance – this is a normal day in the life of a top manager or other high-level performers such as artists, sportspeople or even politicians. At every step up on the career ladder – and not just as we get older – the danger of life-threatening illnesses increases. Up to 85 per cent of all top performers suffer from vegetative disorders which usually results in exhaustion and sleeplessness.
As a result, their performance-curve inevitably dips and finally you end up with burnout. But you can't afford to be away for even a few days

Burnout Therapy for Companies
Burnout is not just a personal problem for the person affected, it also endangers the sufferer's job environment due to its "infectious" nature. People with higher levels of stress are less creative, less productive and less efficient. They make bad decisions and do not work well with others.

Burnout Affects the Top Performers
Stress and its consequences cause costs. A study by Unilever (2008) showed that a company loses between 10% and 36% of its annual working hours due to burnout and lack of energy on the part of employees. If we also look at the loss of manpower due to a lack of ability to concentrate and a lack of commitment before it ends in absence from work, this means a loss of up to €54,000 in the case of an average manager. The figures also show that it is often precisely the potential top-performers who fall ill - the ones who are particularly motivated and ambitious, who set their goals especially high and who contribute to the success of their company. So it would be an even greater loss to have to do without these people even for a few days.

Solution-Oriented Concepts for More Profits
Are you interested in solution-oriented concepts that get to the root of the problem before your employees fall ill due to burnout? Do you want to permanently invest in your employees' health because you have realised that they are your most important capital?

Contact us. We'll be happy to talk to you and develop a health-promotion programme for your employees which will include both medical and psychological therapy units.