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Why Health-Promotion in Companies?

Benefits at All Levels
Both your employees and your company will benefit if you promote the health of your employees with targeted health management and coaching. Here is a summary of some of the core arguments:

Save Money and Increase Performance
It has been shown that, without company disease-prevention and health-promotion programmes, employees are more prone to illness. So investing in your employees' health also brings long-term benefits that can be measured in monetary terms. With the right coaching, managers and staff feel more motivated to make better use of their potential and perform even better.

Demographic Change
Your employees are getting increasingly older. In the 55 to 62 age-group in particular, the likelihood that they will fall ill increases exponentially. You can reduce these figures considerably with intelligent health management.

Recognition Instead of Bonuses
Your employees will be more satisfied, more motivated and more productive and will feel appreciated. And that is more important than any bonus payments. Studies show that it is more important to people to have their needs recognised than to get salary-increases. With disease-prevention programmes you are showing your employees that you are interested in them as whole individuals. This will motivate them and encourage them to perform better.

Corporate Culture
Your employees will identify more with your company and team spirit will increase – and so will employee productivity and motivation.