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Achieve High Performance - Precisely and Efficiently

Are you an active sportsperson? Do you coach a successful team that has potential? If you're training for an important competition, starting the season, in a major league – whether before the championships or if simply trying not to be relegated to a lower league, we will help you as an individual competitor, a team or a director to be even more successful. We have already helped several sports personalities with the services listed below.

Sports Hypnosis
This allows sportspeople to concentrate as much as possible and mobilise additional energy. During hypnosis, movement processes can be observed effectively. Situations that are regarded as being no longer achievable can be avoided. Sports hypnosis is the most intensive type of concentration and mental regeneration possible.

Advice for Trainers
We advise coaches on their communication behaviour and other psychological effects of their behaviour. While certain behaviour-types promise success in a series of wins, a different approach is required in order not to be relegated to a lower league. Every player needs to be spoken to in a different way in order to be motivated to the best advantage. We analyse the members of your sports team and provide the necessary psychological knowledge.

Coaching Players
Ideally, players use 100 per cent of their mental ability for sport. However, other people mostly need valuable resources for a wide range of areas, such as imminent contracting negotiations, fear of failure, family problems. We will solve these problems in an intensive coaching session, thereby releasing energy.

Recognising Burnout
Each sportsperson should burn with enthusiasm for his or her sport. But at what stage does this fire go out? Burnout is not only a management problem, it exists wherever 100% commitment is demanded and given over an extended period. The earlier signs of burnout are recognised, the more easily it can be prevented.

We help to generate optimal team spirit. Group talks, discussions and team exercises moderated by us get that team spirit going again.

Blockade Coaching
We help to break up inner blockades such as feared opponents, relegation panic or fear of promotion into a higher league. This can be done effectively by means of hypnosis but also through exercises, systemic vision-building or targeted anxiety treatments.